Campden Street Car Park Redevelopment, Kensington

Where: The site is located in Kensington, within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is bounded by Campden Street to the south, Peel Street to the north and terraced houses to the east and west of the site.

The Background:

The site is 257.5 sqm in area and is currently used as a car park for 11 vehicles. The Circle and District Line runs directly underneath the site and MRMU’s architects, AUA, have worked closely with Transport for London (TFL) engineers through the design process. MRMU has a conditional contract agreement on the site.

The Development:

The proposed development is for a block of 5 luxury apartments – 3 x 2-bed and 2 x 3-bed. The building has been designed to blend with the local vernacular within the streetscene, as well as work within the constraints of building over the rail track.

The development takes into account the need to minimise loading onto the existing structure/raft and utilising the existing boundary walls. It is designed to be sympathetic to the traditional materials within the conservation area, but also take into account opportunities for more lightweight modern construction to minimise loadings. The proposed design also allows openings for temporary works to enable TFL to access the existing raft for any future maintenance. The anticipated cost of the development is £5 million and the apartments will cost from £1.5-3 million each.

The Result:

The project is currently at pre-application stage. A full application is currently being developed and all going smoothly it is hoped that building can start on site in 2017.